Star Wars: Episode 9 – The Rise of Skywalker (2019)

Director: J.J. Abrams
Writer/s: Chris Terrio, J.J. Abrams (screenplay and story by), Derek Connolly, Colin Trevorrow (story by), George Lucas (based on character created by)
Starring: Daisy Ridley, Adam Driver, John Boyega, Oscar Isaac, Ian McDiarmid and more.

Rise of Skywalker

The Intro:
Hahaha, hi friends… I almost feel like I need to put on a hazmat suit to type this up. Alright well, Oberrated here with the coveted review on The Rise of Skywalker. There is honestly no other introduction I have to give. Love or hate the new trilogy. Love or hate Star Wars. Psycho fan or casual watcher. New fan or old fan. Star Wars has become something else and we are now witnessing the end of the Skywalker story….hopefully…maybe? Eh, whatever. Here we go.

IMDb Summary:
“The surviving Resistance faces the First Order once more in the final chapter of the Skywalker saga.”

The Oberrating:
I am going to lead this off with the spoiler-free Oberrated reaction. If you have not seen the movie and are at this point, you are safe and I will tell you when you are not.
Ultimately, for a movie viewer, Rise of Skywalker is entertaining and as I always say, that is all I can ask for when I sit down for an hour and a half or more. I appreciate most of the performances in here and the action and effects are top notch. I loved basically every lightsaber battle that happened in Rise of Skywalker, probably some of the best I have seen (although it is not saying much comparing original trilogy lightsaber battles to new effects lightsaber battles). The characters (although a bit too many) are all enjoyable. One thing I liked and have complained about many times with both of the previous films was the toning down of the comedy. Episode 7 and 8 was just far too… FORCED… and unlike the other Disney property, Marvel, just did not work for them. Here in episode 9, there were still some moments but it felt more natural to the characters.

Now, while I found my entertainment value, Rise of Skywalker does not escape unscathed to criticism. The story itself is quite a mess and far too empty in ways. Events seemingly just happen with no explanation and are left up to pure interpretation. This causes a major problem for me because, as a movie fan, I like to be challenged and at least allow for events to unravel over time rather than an immediate “HERE I AM AND THIS IS HAPPENING” kind of thing. Too much happens and too many people are happening and TOO MANY DAMN CUTS TO DIFFERENT SCENES! I simply can not break down my criticisms without going into detail so that will happen farther in the post.

Ok, so SPOILERS ARE AHEAD. You have been warned. Do not read beyond here unless you have watched Rise of Skywalker.


Again, I enjoyed the movie for the most part. The battles are excellent. The characters are solid in their respective parts, for the most part, or they make do with what they were given. I boil this rating down to the entertainment factor and at least the production quality that goes into it on the back end.

As for the negatives, this whole Palpatine thing is just way too much. I would be forgiving if his return was at least explained a bit more to us or even just hinted to in previous films but we, as fans, are expected to either just play dumb and be like “hardeeharhar, oh ok, yeah, Palpo is back to wreck, NO PROBLEM”. Or we are expected to come up with the explanation ourselves (as I did but by no way give it an excuse to happen) and still say “hey no problem with the sudden return”. I still point the finger to the planning for this trilogy being piss poor and it being left to JJ or whomever was responsible to clean up after the many different directions this trilogy has gone. Resulting in a very messy and crammed episode 9.
On top of the Palpatine concept…. Rey Palpatine…. Really? This franchise has a hard on for supreme powerful beings with deep running bloodlines. Give it a rest. Maybe they will with the coming new trilogy and we can see fresh stuff within a Star Wars universe but who knows. For now, we address the trilogy.

Beyond having some fun with the new installment and enjoying some events and characters, it really felt like episode 9 was playing clean up crew to an unplanned trilogy. I am one of the biggest defenders of The Last Jedi where I found some worth out of it and appreciated a fresh take on things but it is not without its flaws where events are utterly ridiculous and represent hardly anything in regards to this trilogy. This is where episode 9 had to become crammed and messy in order to tell its finale story while also trying to brings things to a linear story. While attempting this, events and characters with previous motives or importance seemed to lack that very thing. As if Disney, JJ, and company did not know what to do with them.

Why ya’ll gotta do my main Kylo Ren like that? Alright, so listen, Kylo has been all over the place for me. Force Awakens…Whiny baby back bitch. Last Jedi… strongest and most impressive Kylo. Actually made me a huge fan of the character. Rise of Skywalker… under utilized story pusher just to fade to black with an awkwardish final action. People are angry at Snoke’s execution, meanwhile Kylo got axed in a worse fashion, in my opinion. I would have much more preferred a Rey turns Sith, Kylo become the last Skywalker, then the two dual it out. Talk about a heel turn that is a bit unconventional for Star Wars but nope… Disney Star Wars has to play it safe. (Shout out to my friends Jason and Shawn here)

The Wrap-Up:
I probably missed some stuff but you know, I might have forgotten cause moments of this film is just forgettable. It is a passable 7 out of 10 for me, a rating that I often dub as the “it’s ok, but I will probably forget it” rating. Although as a Star Wars film, I probably will not forget it but you know what I mean. Messy and crammed is the motto for episode 9 for me. So much so that as I type this, I really do not remember much of the beginning of the film besides Kylo slaying out baddies and finding triangles. Good entertaining fun for some and myself, messy and lacking in quality for myself and probably many others. I guess it is what it is at this point and all I can hope for is some original and fresh stuff for the next films. Here’s to hoping!

Other Takeaways:

  • Rise of Skywalker > The Last Jedi > The Force Awakens
  • The reveal of Rey Palpatine literally made me blink. Zero effect on me whatsoever. As a meek applause came from “big” moments in the movie, none of them had much of an effect on me.
  • Again, lightsaber battles was some of the best I have seen. Equally as good effects.

Thanks to my people, Mike P., Jason, Mick, and Mike T., that I had some fun conversations with analyzing Rise of Skywalker.

Rating: 3/5


Rise of Skywalker 1Rise of Skywalker 2Rise of Skywalker 3


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