Venom (2018)

Director: Ruben Fleischer
Writer/s: Jeff Pinkner (screenplay and screen story by), Scott Rosenberg (screenplay and screen story by), Kelly Marcel (screenplay by), Todd McFarlane, David Michelinie (Marvel’s Venom Character created by)
Starring: Tom Hardy, Michelle Williams, Riz Ahmed, and more.


The Intro:
I have talked about roller coaster hype in the past for numerous films. Comically enough, that kind of hype typically follows DC films (sorry not sorry). Unsurprising to me, the roller coaster hype now follows a Sony (in association with Marvel, because that is important) film within their Spider-Man universe. Now listen, I agree with you. Sony needs to relinquish full rights to Marvel. Tom Holland as Spider-Man has done an incredible job thus far and it would do nothing but make my heart happy to see that Disney money be spent on Venom, Green Goblin, Doc Oc, etc. But clearly, at least at this moment, we will not see that anytime soon. So here we are seeing what Sony can do with one of the fan favorite characters, Venom.

IMDB Summary:
“When Eddie Brock acquires the powers of a symbiote, he will have to release his alter-ego “Venom” to save his life.”

The Oberrating:
“Venom” has been getting slammed with early reviews. I will not lie, the early flack the film was getting, lowered my expectations even lower than they already were, so I was ready for the worst. Honestly, I anticipated it. By the time my showing was over I was actually pretty satisfied with what I just sat through. This film is damn fun and comical (in the right way, not bad movie way). Before I analyze it, I just want to remind my readers of one thing before your attention fades away, movies are for entertainment (typically). You watch movies to have fun. “Venom” does exactly that, at least for me.

The story of “Venom” was investing enough to hold my interest. The introduction to the film and early stages of exploring Eddie Brock’s character are a bit slow-moving and boring. Once Eddie and Venom come as one, that is when the fun kicks in. The two’s back and forth with each other drives the movie for pretty much the duration of the film. It is constant jokes and an internal struggle of “what is happening” with Eddie as he questions himself until he accepts the symbiote that is in him, which still continues as hilarious because of the conversations he has with Venom.
However, as the comedy is easily the biggest driver of entertainment for the film, not all jokes land well. I had a few moments where a comedic moment happened and I simply sat in silence. As did a majority of the crowd I was with. So I will easily understand as some viewers start pouring out saying this film was not funny because, lets be honest, those viewers expected to hate the film and so they will use any minor excuse such as a no hitter joke to say “it sucked”.

“Venom” gave me a few pretty solid characters, to my surprise. As expected, Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock/Venom was a home run. I have always been a big fan of Hardy and he does a great job here.
The villain of the film is named Carlton Drake played by Riz Ahmed. I was actually really impressed with him. I knew nothing about Ahmed prior to this film but he came off as this suave and commanding presence within “Venom”.
Our third key player comes as Michelle Williams playing Anne Weying. Anne is the girlfriend to Eddie Brock. While I liked Williams and her presence on screen, her character simply feels like a story pusher. **Ultra minor spoilers** Not only is Anne a lawyer, but she is also an MRI technician when she seemingly knows how to operate the machine to cause a certain event within the film. Also she is savvy with rocket launch technology as she seemingly knows how to spark yet another key event within the film. **End spoilers**

So far within my review, you have read that negative points have been with some missed moments in regards to the comedy delivered, a boring introduction period, and also the lack of proper use of a talent like Michelle Williams. Apart from those three, the film is seemingly rushed once the final act approaches. I was well invested in the Venom and Eddie Brock relationship building portion of the film but as soon as that section runs its course, we come into the finale and it becomes all too rushed. Still enjoyable, but rushed.

The Wrap-Up:
“Venom” came as a huge shock to me once the dust settled. From the start, I was cautious about getting too excited about the film despite my admiration for Tom Hardy. Then early reviews started coming out that were absolutely ravaging the film. I entered my auditorium prepared for the worst, expecting even. Once it was over, I was appreciative of what I witnessed. I had fun, I laughed, I was entertained. At the end of the day, that is all I can ask for at the very least. “Venom” is action-packed, hilarious, and entertaining. It is not without its flaws, that is without a doubt, but what film isn’t? Run away scared due to the early reviews or come on into the theaters because of this reading. I promise if you enjoy action comedies, you will leave this film with a good couple laughs.

Rating: 3/5


Venom 3

Venom 1

Venom 2


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