The 5 Star System

Here’s some clarity on my movie mind and how I approach rating the films accordingly on a 5 point system.

5 Star Rating: Personal thoughts / Quality / Impact

🎬🎬🎬🎬🎬: Loved it through and through / Perfection / Life-changing

🎬🎬🎬🎬: Great / Exciting and memorable / Enlightening

🎬🎬🎬: Good / Decent idea / Eye-opening

🎬🎬: Disappointing / Mediocre / Empty

🎬: Infuriating / Wasteful / Disgrace

0: Horrific / Disgraced to have used my time / Probably made by Satan

So there you have it! I have tried to break it down as best as I can to give you all my way of analyzing the films (with a flare of my humor in mind.) Always remember the true spirit of film though, everyone should make their own opinion to what they watch. I like to think of myself as a guide and to have the trust of people looking into seeing a film but want some additional information. My word is not gospel and no where near perfection in my analysis. Go watch a movie, y’all!