I love movies, what can I say?

I started this little passion project back in 2015 with a movie called “Southpaw” (and man am I embarrassed when I re-read that review but hey, we all start somewhere!). Now, here we are with over 100 reviews completed, a dedicated following of fans, some pretty cool interactions with some stars, and overall, doing something I love doing.

My passion for movies started when I was young. As far back as I can remember, my parents would take me out to the movies for our family days. If you’re savvy with Pittsburgh, PA locations; everywhere from Northway Cinemas, Showcase/Rave Cinemas, AMC Waterfront, Pittsburgh Mills Cinemark, Robinson Cinemark, simply all over the area. As I got older, My love for movies expanded into all genres. I began looking for the creativity in all films. I began to find love in almost all the films I saw…. emphasis on almost. My love for movies began to be synonymous with my being. Friends started telling me a lived in a movie theater. Hell, I started working at a movie theater. Other friends would also tell me I should review them. Welp, here we are!

Thanks to all of you here reading. Thanks to all the dedicated friends and fans who have been on this journey with me from the start or from whenever you first clicked. I love you all!

– Mr. Oberrated