Women Talking (2022)

Director: Sarah Polley
Writer/s: Sarah Polley, Miriam Toews
Starring: Rooney Mara, Judith Ivey, Emily Mitchell, Kate Hallett, Liv McNeil, Claire Foy, Sheila McCarthy, Jessie Buckley, Michelle McLeod, Kira Guloien, Shayla Brown, Ben Whishaw, and more.

The Intro:
“Women Talking” comes in as my second film that I probably knew the least about. However the trailers surely got my attention as I watched heavy-hitter after heavy-hitter appear on the screen. With the likes of Rooney Mara, Frances McDormand, Claire Foy, Jessie Buckley, and so many more. I have an inkling of a feeling that this movie was going to be a tour de force of performances.

IMDb Summary:
“Do nothing. Stay and fight. Or leave. In 2010, the women of an isolated religious community grapple with reconciling a brutal reality with their faith.”

The Oberrating:
I have to start with this; this cast is incredible. If anything carried throughout this film it was this cast because every time someone opened their mouth, I was hooked. Only a few times my interest may have wavered because the pace got slower than some may imagine it could be, but for me, I was too impressed by everyone to mind what could be seen as the slow and steady pacing of “Women Talking.”

The Wrap-Up:
It’s a short and sweet review, but that’s for a reason. On one end, I can’t really say too much about a dialogue heavy movie without diving into the big pinnacle moments of these performances. Then on the flip-side is that exact same scenario. What else can I say about a movie that is so drama forward and filled with dialogue? This movie may not be everyone’s taste, so I can see why some may be turned off to it. However for me, “Women Talking” was filled with some of the best in the business today. I can absolutely see why the Best Picture nominee was given here despite knowing it won’t take the “W.”

Rating: 4/5

Orion Pictures Release Photo credit: Michael Gibson © 2022 Orion Releasing LLC. All Rights Reserved.


Edited by Abby McNatt

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