Insomnia (2002) (RR)

Director: Christopher Nolan
Writer/s: Hillary Seitz, Nikolaj Frobenius, Erik Skjoldbjærg
Starring: Al Pacino, Robin Williams, Martin Donovan, Hilary Swank, and more.

Requested Review from Jessica Seng!

The Intro:
An early 2000s Christopher Nolan flick? Sign me up! My friend Jessica brings on another request among her many, and I am happy to oblige with a request. It is time to tackle Nolan’s mystery thriller that is “Insomnia,” starring Al Pacino, Hilary Swank, and the late great Robin Williams.

IMDb Summary:
“Two Los Angeles homicide detectives are dispatched to a northern town where the sun doesn’t set to investigate the methodical murder of a local teen.”

The Oberrating:
We are all more than familiar with a Christopher Nolan film. We can always expect a mind-bending thriller that keeps us on the edge of our seats. “Insomnia” was a flick that supported the foundation of his future movies for sure. With a solid and interesting story to follow, “Insomnia” is well worth watch to see an earlier Nolan film. The mystery element is turned up to 100 here. It keeps you guessing throughout its runtime between what is Robin’s character of Walter Finch really up to and Pacino’s backstory mixed with his running insomnia. Similarly skinned to Nolan’s “Momento,” if you liked that, you should like this. Also, I mean, who can deny a quality Pacino and Williams performance?

Speaking of, Robin Williams in a villain role? I mean, c’mon. At first thought, I was wary, but then again I quickly thought of the master himself and figured this role was in good hands. Let me tell you, it surely was. I miss you, Robin. </3

The Wrap-Up:
On HBOMax at the time of this post, “Insomnia” is absolutely worth a watch for the large amount of mystery thriller fans that are among the world and probably among my readers. Spearheaded by excellent performances by the trident that is Al Pacino, Robin Williams, and Hilary Swank, this is a Nolan work that many watch and love. Go ahead and press play, ya’ll. Miss Seng had another killer one for me.

Rating: 4/5

Edited by Erica McNatt

No copyright infringement is intended.

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