People You May Know (2017) (RR)

Director: Sherwin Shilati
Writer/s: Michael Mohan, Sherwin Shilati
Starring: Nick Thune, Halston Sage, Kaily Smith Westbrook, Nicholas Rutherford, Carly Chaikin, and more.

Requested Review requested by Abby McNatt!

The Intro:
We’re getting back to these requests, people!!! I know, I know, I’ve said that a bunch of times, but I am (hopefully) serious this time!! Jump on my site, send the request via the site, or simply reach out and let me know you want me to review something! You all should know the drill by now.
Here we have a review my lady requested literally years ago. A little flick named “People You May Know.” An rom-com set in the digital age of social media. How bad could it be? 👀

IMDb Summary:
“An introvert realizes he can be whomever he wants to be on the Internet.”

The Oberrating:
I mean, you get what you see with this one. Ever since the age of social media has been upon us, countless movies have been made that show how we act and perform on social media and how it affects our everyday lives. “People You May Know” gives us a rom-com about a reserved individual who becomes so big that Usher pays attention to him… Yeah, typing that out, it kind of shows how dated this movie is, but hey! It is what it is.

It’s not a bad movie. It kept my attention for the most part and had some endearing moments spread throughout the film. It definitely was, however, a convoluted mess at other times as it was trying to balance its theme of not being only an internet presence and trying to figure out…who you want to love? I don’t know. That is exactly what I mean. It’s a tad messy at other times. With this said, I found it funny that of all the characters presented in “People You May Know,” Halston Sage, who was introduced early, was the one I expected not to like, and she turned out to be basically the only one I was rooting for.

The Wrap-Up:
It’s a fun time-killer movie. For the rom-com fans, I’m sure this is right up your alley. I didn’t mind it, but I surely didn’t love it. It’s an interesting story to watch unfold and ultimately get resolved, but again, nothing I’d phone home about.

Rating: 2.5/5


Edited by Erica McNatt

No copyright infringement is intended.

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