The Batman (2022)

Director: Matt Reeves
Writer/s: Matt Reeves, Peter Craig, Bill Finger, Bob Kane
Starring: Robert Pattinson, Zoë Kravitz, Paul Dano, Jeffrey Wright, Colin Farrell, John Turturro, Andy Serkis, Peter Sarsgaard, and more.

The Intro:
LET’S F*&$ING GOOOOOOOOO! I have been waiting 5 f*&$ING YEARS for this movie!!! From the Affleck announcement, to the Affleck step down as director, to the full damn step down from the role, to the recasting of ROBERT F*&$ING PATTINSON LET’S GOOOOOOO, to the delays, and now…. WE ARE HEREEEEE! I can’t contain myself so the core review is FULLY SPOILER-FREE. Then below all the credits and such will be a spoiler review. So let’s get to it.

IMDb Summary:
“When the Riddler, a sadistic serial killer, begins murdering key political figures in Gotham, Batman is forced to investigate the city’s hidden corruption and question his family’s involvement.”

The Oberrating:
ROBBIE P, LET’S GOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I told you people my boy is HERE! “Twilight” is NOTHING to this man anymore. I told you before, and I’ll tell you again. Dive into this man’s acting credits beyond “Twilight” PLEASE! It will not disappoint.
Pattinson takes on this role with such depressive grace. The moody broody Bruce Wayne is here and he’s here to stay. There is a lot of growth that this Bruce Wayne is ready to experience and knowing the range Pattinson has in him, watching what this Bruce can do and will turn into is going to be one exciting ride.

Now what about R.Patts as the Batman? Well let me tell you, it is as exciting and destructive as ever. Batman has eternally had that fight style where he disables his opponents with such force and technique, and Pattinson adopts this. He has obviously trained well for the role, which seems to be satisfying the fans and certainly satisfying me.

Line this cast up and watch them knock out their performances one by one. Pattinson, Kravitz, Wright, Farrell, DANO, Turturro, Serkis, Sarsgaard… simply everyone. While I may have to dive deeper into the cast to actually have a criticism of the accents or ways some characters speak, that barely takes away from the actual performances of the top tier actors and the overall film.

It has been awhile since we have gotten detective Batman. To be honest, I cannot think of a film adaptation of Batman that goes this deep into a more investigative style. I have only heard the comics goes so detailed into. It is a dark, gritty, and bleak mystery thriller that many people love to watch. Yet now it is skinned excellently under the title of one of the most famous superheroes, and it works well!

My biggest criticism of “The Batman” lies with its rating. We get as much darkness, violence, and grit as possible with the PG-13 rating, and by no means is that saying it was lacking. What I do mean is that with said elements there seems to be that invisible ceiling that stops it from going full tilt. C’mon, tell me what NYPD/Gotham PD officer isn’t letting out an F-bomb, or slinging an insult that only the deepest pits of hell could conjure together? Crawling around the criminal-laced streets of New York/Gotham and we’re met by just rough enough wise guys to give you an attitude, but won’t go that extra little bit to make sure you don’t come around these parts again. That rating makes me hit a wall but just by a bit.

The Wrap-Up:
It has been a long handful of years full of anticipation. After the heartbreak of losing Affleck as a director and then as the actor, then my hope fully reviving after the casting of Pattinson — this experience was one I won’t forget and it’s a film that I intend to watch many times. The future looks rain-filled and bright for this new story, and man, I am here FOR IT!

Rating: 4.5/5 🎬


Editors: Abby McNatt, Erica McNatt

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Let’s address the joker in the room…
ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?!?! I saw a rumor post on Facebook about MY BOY BARRY KEOGHAN being possibly being cast as the Joker, and I said, fuck off. HIS BRIEF DIALOGUE BIT AT THE END OF THE MOVIE SENT ME!!! LET’S FUCKING GOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Robert Pattinson, Paul Dano, and Barry Keoghan in the same Batman universe going toe to toe with each other? This is going to be some of the most maddening performances you can conjure up. Mark my words.
I loved his introduction. It’s brief, it makes its mark, and by no means feels out of place. This was a smooth and easy insert to give a taste of what could possibly come in the future. Giving this tease will send others like me into a violent fit of anticipation wanting the next installment NOW!
Also, there was a partially viral tweet that came out throwing around the idea of Jon Bernthal as Two-Face? Listen here… If you know me, you know what that casting would do to me. If Jon is casted as Two-Face, I would literally retire from film analysis because my cinematic desires would be fulfilled with a Batman film containing Pattinson, Dano, Keoghan, and BERNTHAL! *Send tweet*

Ok, psychotics aside. I think I’ve said enough about Pattinson that I do not need to dive too much into a spoiler statement. The man is badass. We see him mostly as Batman and we get a taste of an early Bruce Wayne that has not yet come to the billionaire persona that many are so used to. This is coming, I feel. So his depressive short-spoken performance feels right. And I said before, Pattinson has the range for eccentrics and a more showy performance when necessary. That will feed right into the billionaire persona that may come in the future.

Dano… My guy… I wanted more of him, but I understand the angle they took. This is a very “Zodiac” and “Se7en”-esque presentation of the Riddler. He’s a maniac and a killer. Once we get Dano in the flesh, he surely puts on a show that I would expect and want. His prison scene is excellent and simply can be described as an unhinged maniac.

Let’s go, people!!! This was what I wanted. I am always nervous to get too hyped over a film, but this one hit the spot. We are truly blessed to be given such consistency with the name of Batman. While we surely can debate who’s better, what film is “elite,” and what something is worth, I am over the moon to be able to see Bale, Affleck, and now Pattinson put on the cowl and provide performances not soon to be forgotten while also being given to us by some of the most prolific directors in the game today.

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