King Richard (2021)

Director: Reinaldo Marcus Green
Writer: Zach Baylin
Starring: Will Smith, Aunjanue Ellis, Saniyya Sidney, Demi Singleton, Jon Bernthal, and more.

The Intro:
Did you know that the Williams sisters’ father played a huge part in their success? I sure did not. I’m thinking most people didn’t, aside from super fans of the Williams and fans of tennis, but hey! Here’s a movie about him and the family!
Jokes aside, the trailer made a good impression on me, the cast is quite impressive, and it overalls looks like quite the performance showcase. Let’s take a look.

IMDb Summary:
“A look at how tennis superstars Venus and Serena Williams became who they are after the coaching from their father Richard Williams.”

The Oberrating:
WILL IS BACK! What a show from the man himself! It does not go unnoticed that Will hasn’t exactly done ground-breaking films lately. Showing up on occasion in the likes of a “Bad Boys” sequel, “Gemini Man,” the live action “Aladdin,” and others. None of which were all that well received. However, now we have “King Richard,” which has gotten Will a nomination for best lead actor. That is no fluke. It is a return to form for Will as he puts on a believable and passionate performance as the driving force that aided the Williams sisters in becoming legends.

Surrounding Will is an impressive listing of a supporting cast. With the likes of Aunjanue Ellis, Saniyya Sidney, Demi Singleton, and MY BOY, JON BERNTHAL. This squad shines just as bright as Will.

For a sports story, I will be honest, I went in expecting a fully loaded Oscar bait flick. Sports movies do not typically garner too much of my attention, and a sports movie with a skin like this one? Full on Oscar bait. However, while it absolutely is made for Oscar attention, it does an excellent job at presenting an interesting story in the biopic format, and as I said before, exceptional performances pad the claim.

The Oberrating:
Love sports movies and the origin of the legends that play them? Check out “King Richard” because you may really love it. Are you not that interested in sports movies kind of like me? Check it out because I was surprisingly impressed. Even if it’s just to witness Will and company in excellent form.

Rating: 4/5


Editor: Erica McNatt

No copyright infringement is intended.

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