Eighth Annual Oberrated Movie Rankings (2021)

I put in the work this year, folks. 111 logged films released in 2021. Not including 10 watches of Bo Burnham’s “Inside”, and a handful of rewatches for other films that I really enjoyed. 2021 provided some really quality pieces of work that are among some of my favorites of all time in different respects.

Within my Letterboxd top films of 2021 list, this will be approximately how I ranked films according to overall entertainment and rewatchability. Typically I would also put in a second rankings that I would call “The best of” which ranks the movies on more of an overall quality than rewatchability, but I noticed the rankings do not vary by much.

So here is the link to the top films. Click on the Letterboxd photo below! Below the link will be some quick notes on some of my favorites.

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1. Bo Burnham’s “Inside”
If you know me at all, you know I lived and breathed this Netflix special. Bo filmed a special, completely created from top to bottom by his hand during the COVID lockdown. What we witness is the results of a hyper creative mind being stuck in a room.
The music is insanely catchy, the special as a whole is magnetic and hella entertaining, and the tonal shift from classic, clever, and witty Bo to a self reflective sense of existential dread that is today’s climate both during a global pandemic and an overall state of life. Absolute GENIUS.

3. “Our Friend”
The story behind me stumbling upon this film still cracks me up. It’s literally two days before we close out 2021. I wanted to put in one more 2021 released film and I essentially threw a dart at a dartboard and landed on this movie. Quality actors, possibly interesting story, and a decently high rating on IMDB. What resulted was me crying multiple times at work and being in awe of essentially everyone’s performances. Caught on Amazon Prime, if you are susceptible to heart wrenching films making you bawl your eyes out, give this one a shot.

6. “tick, tick… BOOM!”
If Andrew Garfield doesn’t get a best actor nomination. I riot.

7. “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings”
The most hyped I got for a martial arts movie since the first time I watched Jackie Chan’s “The Legend of Drunken Master.”

10. “The Mitchells vs. The Machines”
From the creators of “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.” They follow up one perfect scored movie in my eyes to another damn near perfectly scored movie.

21. “King Richard”
One of the best Will Smith performances in years.

Let me know what you think! What’s your top movie of 2021?
Here’s to another year of film!!

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