The Stairs (2021)

Director: Peter “Drago” Tiemann
Writer/s: Jason L. Lowe, Peter “Drago” Tiemann
Starring: Stacey Oristano, Brent Bailey, Adam Korson, Josh Crotty, Tyra Colar, and more.

Talk about going into a film blind! I literally stumbled upon this movie because I was looking to see if “Free Guy” tickets were available yet (“Free Guy” review coming soon!) I saw that a horror/sci-fi flick called “The Stairs” was an exclusive Fathom event, so it peaked my interest, and here we are! Fresh off a viewing, it is time for an Oberrating of this limited release.

Being a directorial debut for Peter “Drago” Tiemann, and for as limited of a budget that the film had, “The Stairs” was quite the fun experience! There are some decent horror moments that are equally disturbing and kind of freaky. The creatures themselves are victims of a low budget because they did not exactly look too terrifying. Maybe to a ten year old, but definitely not to the standard horror movie viewer. Some typical horror movie tropes happen on frequent occasion which will either make the seasoned movie viewer groan in annoyance (hi, that’s me,) or will make you laugh at such typical moments. Overall, for me, “The Stairs” is a worthy and shocking horror flick that I enjoyed. While there is plenty to pick apart in regards to the script, decision making, and typical horror theatrics, The mystery of it all, the relentless monsters, and some half decent practical effects make this a worthwhile watch. Especially for a movie night at home once this hit streamers.

**Spoiler bits ahead**
Another interesting approach that Drago took in regards to his film is how much foundation he laid out for possible future projects, and how much he left up in the air to be interpreted while also possibly being built further on. We do not know where the stairs came from. We do not know what the facility is under the stairs, and especially how truly large it is. We do not know who that crazy couple was. Are they the parents of these “Grub-daddies?” Are they the creators of everything? Are they random victims of the stairs? Who knows? One thing I do know is that big kudos to David S. Hogan and his meltdown. I really enjoyed that moment. But like I said, Drago leaves a whole lot up in the air, and whether he gets picked up by a small indie company to expand on this film or even gets picked up by a big company, I feel there is a lot to continue.

Horror fans of all styles should give “The Stairs” a shot. While it is plenty messy in regards to its script and horror antics. The original script and mystery surrounding the story is sure worthwhile in my eyes.

Rating: 3.5/5


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