Palm Springs (2020)

Director: Max Barbako
Writer/s: Andy Siara
Starring: Andy Samberg, Cristin Milioti, J.K. Simmons, Meredith Hagner, and more.

Palm Springs

The Intro:
In my opinion, Andy Samberg is a silent star. Aside from the currently running series, “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”, most of his projects are typically quiet and not plastered all over the media. However, his roles, no matter how small, are always so damn hilarious! Samberg not only acts, but is typically involved in a producer role as well. So his mind is definitely utilized in making material funny.
Now, we have the rare occasion of a Samberg starring feature film. That film? “Palm Springs.” A Hulu exclusive, but also showing at theaters that are even open during this Covid ridden times, as well as drive-in theaters. “Palm Springs” has surely been buzzing among film fans.

IMDB Summary:
“When carefree Nyles and reluctant maid of honor Sarah have a chance encounter at a Palm Springs wedding, things get complicated as they are unable to escape the venue, themselves, or each other.”

The Oberrating:
So I am happy to say this falls in line with the positive experiences with the time loop concept films. Similar to my experience with “Edge of Tomorrow”, “Palm Springs” brings a fresh take to the time loop film, and keeps it fun. It is a raunchy comedy in most aspects. We have drugs, sex, absurdities, and more. Everything to make for a film I enjoy…most of the time!

“Palm Springs” keeps fresh and funny by way of Andy Samberg, Cristin Milioti, and company. This cast was unanimously an excellent choice. With every bit of screen time every character has, they knock out their performances out of the park. I feel like I do not need to expand on Samberg. The man is simply a comedy king in most cases.
Cristin Milioti is someone I would love to see more of. She was hilarious and Andy’s equal in regards to owning the film.
A special bit of recognition goes to Meredith Hagner who plays Misty, Andy Samburg’s girlfriend in the film. She is such a despicable yet ditsy character, and is hilarious to hate, if that makes sense.
J.K. Simmons is a personal favorite of mine in all that he does. Simmons was hilarious in the little screen time that he had. I especially loved the quick flashback scenes. Those had me rolling in my chair. The man is just great at anything he does.

The Wrap-Up:
Again, it is a formula that has been done time and time again. I stand to either see it done with fresh and excited eyes, or it either exists as a carbon copy of what we know as “Groundhog Day.” “Palm Springs” is a shocking treat to 2020 film. Samberg and Milioti and two exciting and hilarious actors in the game that make this movie thrive. It also helps if you are a fan of R-rated raunchy comedy. Catch this at your local drive-in for some extra entertainment or simply see it exclusively on Hulu!

Rating: 3.5/5


Palm Springs 1

Palm Springs 2

Palm Springs 3


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