Brightburn (2019)

Director: David Yarovesky
Writer/s: Brian Gunn, James Gunn
Starring: Jackson A. Dunn, Elizabeth Banks, David Denman, and more.

BrightburnPicture from

The Intro:
Once again, I open up a review saying that once this film’s trailer came to my attention, I was all in. From the looks of it, I was completely ready to be delivered an R-rated Superman. We have seen the good side of Superman far too many times, but what if he was not the hero we know? What if he came to this planet with different intentions? Well the script made by the mad man himself, James Gunn, give us a glimpse at this very concept.

IMDB Summary:
“What if a child from another world crash-landed on Earth, but instead of becoming a hero to mankind, he proved to be something far more sinister?”

The Oberrating:
I swear I made that introduction before I typed up that summary. Ironic… Anyway! A lot went well for “Brightburn” but a lot just did not land properly at the same time. To begin, I will start off with what went well. I hinted to it in the introduction and it continued through to the Oberrating. The concept of an evil Superman was a hell of a thing to watch unfold. We have seen many versions of Superman in our time so we did not need a full blown introduction to what Brandon could do. Between the writing of the Gunn’s and the direction of David Yarovesky, I feel that Brandon Breyer was given to me properly with respect to my knowledge of this Superman-like individual.
Another small note that I appreciated about the film and Brandon Breyer was how quickly they went through his arrival to Earth up to age 11. Although I have questions of his time from arrival to 11, this cut the film down to an appropriate level in order to focus on the main time frame that “Brightburn” takes place in.

With all James Gunn penned or directed films, it is fair to expect some types of dark and gruesome moments throughout. With this expectation, I was beyond excited to see what the mad man has in store for us with a dark take on Superman. In “Brightburn” we get a number of moments that are downright appalling in all the proper ways. If you have weak stomachs, this film may not be for you. However, I do not want to paint this as an Eli Roth gore-porn film because there are not an overabundance of these moments but there were enough to make an individual cringe.
Although I heavily enjoyed these gruesome scenes, call me crazy, but I wish they were not so sudden and a little more detailed. Besides maybe two scenes, we do not get all too much detail of the power of Brandon Breyer. The film is already rated-R, lets see that gore!!!

Now my issue, or issues, with “Brightburn” comes by way of what I believe is an overall unfulfilling film. While I appreciated the cut down of the film by removing a lot of the fluff of Brandon’s early years, it still felt rushed and far too short for what we got of his 11/12 year-old years, where most of this film takes place. I ultimately have so many questions by the end of the film, both logically speaking in regards to what happens in the film and also story wise on the “whys” and the “whats” of the events that unfold.

The Wrap-Up:
There is something about “Brightburn” that just makes me feel empty, man. I wanted a bit more and what I got feels a tad unmemorable. Aside from a handful of intense moments, the story does not hook me all too much, the violence is few and far between, and I overall just have loads of questions on both the logical side and the story side of things. Performance wise, everyone was either solid or forgetful, which continues to cater to the concept of being a lackluster film.
I was mostly on board for “Brightburn” but I also end with a lot to be desired, and not in the cliffhanger “waiting for the sequel” kind of way. Well worth the watch for a unique Sci-fi horror flick (if you want to call it that) based on what could be an evil Superman.

Other Takeaways:

  • Jackson A. Dunn is without a doubt the best in class here. I could see him in more sinister and dark roles.
  • Broken jaws must hurt…
  • 911 operators in this film must have been making coffee at all the wrong times.

Rating: 2.5/5


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Brightburn 2

Brightburn 3


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