Vice (2018)

Director: Adam McKay
Writer: Adam McKay
Starring: Christian Bale, Amy Adams, Steve Carell, Sam Rockwell, and more.



The Intro:
Another piece of the 2019 Oberrated Best Picture Reviews puzzle is filled. This one on a particular perspective of Dick Cheney’s life. A film called “Vice”.

First and foremost, my attention came to this film at the expense of a larger than usual Christian Bale. The first trailer I saw (which is a main interaction used in most of the trailers) was of Bale sitting across Rockwell (playing George W. Bush) and having an exchange. Early on, I knew this would be a stellar showcase of acting ability but how would the film as a whole fare?

IMDB Summary:
“The story of Dick Cheney, an unassuming bureaucratic Washington insider, who quietly wielded immense power as Vice President to George W. Bush, reshaping the country and the globe in ways that we still feel today.”

The Oberrating:
As I stated before, I expected “Vice” to be a showcase of acting talent and that is without a doubt the driving force of the film for me. Christian Bale, as expected, was truly great. He transforms himself into his character and basically abandons “Christian Bale”. He will and is truly becoming one of the great method actors.
The majority of the surrounding cast all pull their weight and deliver highly memorable performances. Amy Adams and Steve Carell are the highlights for me of the supporting cast. Miss Adams delivers an incredible segment during the early parts of the film which are felt throughout the whole film and referenced to frequently. Carell plays Donald Rumsfeld, aka, Rated R Michael Scott. Regardless how Rumsfeld acted in real life, Carell’s portrayal was convincing and quite hilarious.

Now as for literally everything else, I do not know, it did not hit well for me as a film fan. I understand what McKay is doing here, I do. Today we live in a politically charged world and certain individuals are at the core of why we are here. McKay’s “Vice” shows how power hungry and ruthless Dick Cheney is. However, I do not need a movie telling me this. “Vice” is a close cousin to the style of “The Big Short”, but “The Big Short” does it way better. “Vice” comes across to me as all over the place and far too stance pushing for my taste. If you follow politics and have followed Cheney’s life, no matter what side you stand, you know what has been done. Even though it is masked in comedy and does not hide its intent, the story is nothing to get too invested in.

The Wrap-Up:
In attempt to analyze and rate “Vice” fairly, I took to the comedic entertainment it provided, the superb performances, and the technical quality of the film. Being harmed by a pushy story, unfortunately the previously mentioned does not help it too much on the Oberrated scale. Bale and company are mega talents on this set, there is no denying it. As for entertainment, sure, Carell may have easily gotten the most laughs out of me but other members of the cast do so as well. However, none are too memorable that I can pin point an exact quote. So the comedy is not that funny. Lastly, for technical quality, there are simply far too many better films in the 2019 Best Picture race that blow this out of the water, and that is just with nominees. “Vice” is not even a thought in regards to all films.
“Vice” is good. Not that good, but good. For me, it is the “Darkest Hour” of 2019 and possibly the weakest member of the Best Picture category.

Rating: 2.5/5


Vice 1

Vice 3

Vice 2


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