Glass (2019)

Director: M. Night Shyamalan
Writer/s: M. Night Shyamalan
Starring: James McAvoy, Bruce Willis, Samuel L. Jackson, Sarah Paulson, Anya Taylor-Joy, Spencer Treat Clark, Charlayne Woodard, and more.


The Intro:
After the surprise hit of “Split” and the shock that it was the long lost sequel to “Unbreakable”, we are now graced with the final piece to the trilogy, “Glass”. Shyamalan has finally brought his pride and joy being the final piece of his trilogy and now it is on us as an audience to take in this passion project. Combining the likes of James McAvoy, Bruce Willis, and Samuel L. Jackson, the three are set for a showdown which could possibly create quite the superhero film we are not used to seeing. Here is the Oberrated Review on “Glass”.

IMDB Summary:
“Security guard David Dunn uses his supernatural abilities to track Kevin Wendell Crumb, a disturbed man who has twenty-four personalities.”

The Oberrating:
Well it is easy for me to open up the Oberrating with this; “Glass” surely did deliver one hell of a spectacle for the trilogy piece. I have been following M. Night Shyamalan on Twitter as he documented his progress through writing, filming, editing, etcetera *Hedwig voice*. And it is clear to see the thought process and creation come to life with the full motion picture. “Glass” paces carefully through its story as it dives into this rich trio of characters, only to unleash an epic finale. Do not pay any mind to what the paid critics have been saying. This film is quite the unique one with the Shyamalan flair all over it.

For the most part, the cast in its entirety were quite wonderful. Leading the charge, in my opinion, were James McAvoy, Samuel L. Jackson, and Sarah Paulson. As I said in “Split”, McAvoy is simply phenomenal as he plays Kevin Wendell Crumb who ultimately is many other different people. Samuel L. Jackson, the master performer that he is, excels as the genius Mr. Glass/Elijah Price. And newcomer, Sarah Paulson, is delightful as ever to see perform with her character, Dr. Ellie Staple.
Next to them, everyone else pulled their weight. One of my favorite fresh actors on the scene is miss Anya Taylor-Joy. I loved her in “Split” and I have loved her in her many other recent films. While she seems a bit underplayed here in “Glass”, she still puts on a notable show. Bruce Willis returns as David Dunn and I felt he did what he could with what was given. I almost feel like he may have suffered from the extensive edits Shyamalan made but still, his presence is felt when necessary.

My rating for “Glass” would have suffered extensively due to the first and second act of the film. The first act was alright for me. We see some cool action involving the main characters, post events of “Split”. The second act was a hard character study and was dialogue heavy. Here, the slowness of the film is felt. As interesting as it was, it did begin to lose me at times as I wanted a bit more energy thrusted into the film. At this point I began to think that the third act really needed to bring me in to make this a favorable experience. Well that exact statement happened to come true. “Glass” throws a bold exclamation point on its final act and still has me reeling at the thought of the finale. A superb finisher for the film.

The Wrap-Up:
Shyamalan has surely been on a resurgence since his 2015 film “The Visit”, in my opinion. With “Split” and now “Glass”, he has placed himself back among the top of my current favorite directors list. From the script, to the camera work, to the performances, to the overall production of “Glass”, this film is a top piece of work that should reside among the top of my 2019 films. If you catch this film at the theater (and I advise you try), it would be well worth the visit. Prepare yourself for a hell of a ride.

Other Takeaways:

  • Some of the angles and images used during this film are utterly phenomenal. Although there plenty, one specific shot and how it was done is embedded in my brain.
  • McAvoy is truly wonderful playing the many personalities of Kevin Wendell Crumb.
  • As said on Twitter by Shyamalan, I love the use of yellows, purples, and greens for their respective characters. It was awesome to see the colors in action. Purple/Glass Yellow/Beast Green/Dunn

Rating: 3.5/5


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