A Star Is Born (2018)

Director: Bradley Cooper
Writer/s: Eric Roth, Bradley Cooper, Will Fetters (screenplay by) and more.
Starring: Bradley Cooper, Lady Gaga, Sam Elliott, Andrew Dice Clay, and more.

A Star is Born

The Intro:
“A Star Is Born” was one of those films that busted into my heart from the first sight of its trailer. Just from the trailer I saw what could be a beautiful depiction of a loving relationship but also filled with drama that naturally comes from life. Directed and partly written by Bradley Cooper, yet also starring him, alongside the musical powerhouse that is Lady Gaga. I was almost certain this film was going to be one that would move my soul. I slammed the date for this film into my calendar and now I am excited to put this film review out for “A Star Is Born”.

IMDB Summary:
“A musician helps a young singer and actress find fame, even as age and alcoholism send his own career into a downward spiral.”

The Oberrating:
Just as I expected, “A Star Is Born” was as beautiful as I could have imagined, and that is focusing on the true beauty of the film as it also has very dark undertones. From the start, we watch superstar Jackson Maine (Bradley Cooper) struggling with the ongoing consequences of fame. Once Jackson incidentally runs into a woman named Ally, the film’s beauty truly bleeds through as the two begin to develop their relationship. That may be the one main aspect of the film that I truly loved, the development of these two’s relationship. It was honest and careful. A reckless rock star with a kind heart and an aspiring stranger filled with passion. “A Star Is Born” did a better job showing love develop better than damn near any romance film has in years.

Piggybacking off of the concept of this relationship developing, its success relied on the talent of its two stars. Cooper and Gaga are absolutely immaculate. Bradley Cooper who directs, co-writes, and stars in the film is one true personality as Jackson Maine. A spiraling alcoholic rock star who finds life in Ally, an aspiring star. And vice versa, Lady Gaga as Ally, a sweetheart, a powerhouse, and a badass. Quite simply, one hell of a woman. The two’s chemistry is mind-blowing. For me, I believed in their passion for each other. I fell in love with the characters as they fell in love with each other.

My next positive point is a hard spoiler for “A Star Is Born”. It will be attached way to the bottom of the review labeled as ***SPOILERS***.

For any criticisms, I would say that the film can be seen as a tad slow during its middle section. Early on, I am absolutely in love with as we see the relationship develop for the first time between Ally and Jackson. The end of the film is loaded with drama and challenges that the two experience together, as well as its incredible climax to the story. Yet the middle of the film, while I still enjoyed watching, it did begin to drag on a bit and I felt as if I was idling through it.

My other and last little critique lies with the pace of the film in some cases. While this also can be a positive aspect of the film due to it not feeding us too much excess, I felt as if the time lapsed so many months or even years once Ally and Jackson come together.

The Wrap-Up:
“A Star Is Born” is a beautiful, tragic film. While it has its most heart-warming and beautiful moments as Ally and Jackson come together and have a beautiful relationship together. It also has tragic low points that are unfortunately a reality of today’s world. Ultimately, I love this film. The music is amazing and I can not stop listening (besides Ally’s pop song), the performances are immaculate, and the story is simply beautiful. There is no doubt this will be nominated for a number of awards. Catch this film as soon as you can if you are in the market for a romantic drama filled with killer music.

Rating: 4/5


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Hi again friends, welcome. Long time no see. You see my tears in this review? Yeah, well there were tears.


This film is more than just a love story. This film puts an important topic of conversation in today’s society right front and center. Suicide is a real thing. It has been for a very long time. From mega superstars and celebrities like Chester Bennington, Kate Spade, Mac Miller, and many more. To the likes of everyday people of all ages. Depression, substance abuse, and simple peer abuse have lead people to the point that they have no reason to go on.
In the film, we watch Jackson Maine battle with substance abuse. After going to rehab and then being released upon completion of his time, he is utterly destroyed by Ally’s agent, Rez Gavron, when Rez puts the act ahead of the human and tells Jackson about how he is holding Ally back and possibly destroying her career. The following scenes are devastating, ending with an overhead shot of Jackson’s garage as we see through the windows and witness only Jackson’s feet.

Again, an absolute tragic moment in the film, however real to our current landscape of reality. These scenes are followed up by Ally going through the phases of life post-Jackson. Ending with an astounding performance of “I’ll Never Love”, the song Jackson wrote for Ally. The final verse cuts from Ally’s live performance to Jackson singing and playing piano to an onlooking crying Ally. Chills. All over.

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