The Hallow (2015) (RR)

Director: Corin Hardy
Writer/s: Corin Hardy, Felipe Marino, Tom de Ville
Starring: Joseph Mawle, Bojana Novakovic and more.

Hallow The

Requested Review from Logan Elkin!
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The Intro:
Oberrated here with an exciting Requested Review! With this post, I am looking at a film called “The Hallow”, requested by my friend Logan. Logan requested me to do this film due to the highly anticipated horror film “The Nun” coming out this week actually! Now, if you do not know, the reason why “The Hallow” comes into discussion is because it was directed by the same man who is at the helm for “The Nun”, Corin Hardy. Corin has only done “The Hallow” as a large feature film, otherwise, it is mostly short films and videos.
For myself, I am and was excited to tackle Corin’s first film as I could imagine I would get a good handle on if I feel the next installment in The Conjuring Universe is in good hands. So, without further adieu, it is time for “The Hallow” to get Oberrated!

IMDB Summary:
“A family who moved into a remote mill house in Ireland finds themselves in a fight for survival with demonic creatures living in the woods.”

The Oberrating:
“The Hallow” was a truly unique experience. My reactions to the film surely were varied. To start out, I will actually give my focus to actually the negatives of the film: First, the first thirty minutes of this film are downright laughable. Just about every basic horror trope happens. The IQ drop of characters, the pointless actions, the “why the hell is this happening” questions, just about everything. To be honest, I feel as if the film could have benefited from more story development rather than forced (and failed) horror moments to heighten the scare factor.
Beyond the basic horror elements that are played and tired out, my sole sitting question is why this family was in the woods to begin with. Next to that is also the lead character, Adam’s, purpose because he seemed to have different drives throughout different portions of the film. Early on he is strange and almost devious, in the middle he can be seen as more-so a family man, and in the end he is… interesting. Just too much of a split character for me to support.

Aside from these points, the film vastly improves once the first thirty minutes pass. After a certain event happens, “The Hallow” blurs what is reality and what is the “fantasy” world of the woods. This mystery drives the remainder of the film for me and easily keeps me invested. Not only does this mystery act as a solid positive that restores my faith in the film, the horror moments also improve vastly from the first thirty minutes. Some moments are quite impactful and even intense in some cases. One major key player to that is the monsters/creatures in “The Hallow”. They are quite memorable and equally a bit terrifying which aid in the successful second half of this film.

The Wrap-Up:
Ultimately, “The Hallow” is a solid outing of a horror flick. The early portion of the film falls flat and is a bit uninteresting but the rest of the film is investing and gripping. As far as Corin Hardy goes and what I expect for “The Nun”; with a large budget, the creative control of horror master James Wan, and an already strong horror universe within The Conjuring, I feel Corin Hardy’s special work with monsters and creatures will work well with Valek. He is going to fashion quite the scares with “The Nun” and I am ALL for it.

Rating: 3/5


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