Oberrated Quick Study May 2018

So I have had an idea for some extra content to put out for readers! I clearly watch more than just what I review. So my idea is to begin a monthly quick study! In summary, what I will do each month is list the films and TV shows I watch and give a quick breakdown of what I thought. It could be films I have watched before (like I previously binged every Marvel film before the “Avengers: Infinity War” release) and/or it could be a current binge watching like I am doing with “Westworld”.

So here we go with my first Oberrated Quick Study! Let me know what you guys think!

Hot Fuzz (2007) — Director: Edgar Wright
Oberrating: 8/10
Classic Edgar Wright film. Just had a random urge to watch it and I never cease to be entertained by the time an Edgar Wright film is over. This may very well spark a run through the Wright collection. Hilarious, violent, and simply all-around fun.

Deadpool (2016) — Director: Tim Miller — Review HERE
Oberrating: 9/10
Felt it necessary to get a watch in on this before I saw Deadpool 2 and made my review for it. Honestly, the first Deadpool never gets old. Jokes I remember crack me up and then the jokes I don’t remember have me rolling on the floor. Ryan Reynolds was born to play Deadpool. (And no, not you X-Men Origins Deadpool. Take your Baraka looking A*$ back to Mortal Kombat.)

Kevin James: Never Don’t Give Up (2018)
Oberrating: 7/10
Here’s a new one for Oberrated! Putting out some content on a stand-up routine! I’ve enjoyed Kevin James for quite some time. Moreso for the nostalgia of him rather than his films. I remember watching “Kings and Queens” with my mom and dad when I was younger but regardless, he’s always been pretty funny. This stand-up had a good couple moments in it.

Day of the Dead: Bloodline (2018) — Director: Héctor Hernández Vicens
Oberrating: 2/10
I watched this solely to add it to my 2018 rankings and because it was a quick watch. Right from the quick look on Netflix, I can tell it was more than likely going to be a mega dud. I figured as long as I could get some zombie gore, I could find some mindless entertainment out of it. Was that what I got? Barely. Any attempt for some zombie violence was quickly forgotten due to the putrid plot that the film forces down your throat. Along with the terrible plot came equally terrible performances. The king of them all was the “villain” of the film Commander Miguel Salazar. 100% unconvincing and annoying. I can’t even recommend this as a pity watch on Netflix, but hey, it’s there if you want to literally waste an hour and a half of your free time.

Dear White People (2017- )
Oberrating: 8/10
I basically binged most of Volume 2 in one sitting and I didn’t mean to at all. To this posting date, there are two volumes (seasons) of “Dear White People” I really enjoyed volume 1 and volume 2 kicked off with a bang then followed suit. So many characters with different dynamics. So many stories to tell. Not to mention this show has made me a big fan of Logan Browning. If this is on your list on Netflix, it’s worth the watch sooner rather than later.

Westworld (2016- )
Oberrating: 9/10
I have had friends and previous co-workers constantly tell me that I need to begin “Westworld”. I have seen the hype on the internet and my friends have been quite excited when they talk about it. So on a random impulse I started it and have not been able to stop. This show has been well worth all the hype as I finally sit through and watch. The layers in this show are countless. The mystery within the show is mind-bending. It is truly a wild ride and I have loved every moment of each one hour episode.

The Fountain (2006) — Director: Darren Aronofsky — Review HERE
Oberrating: 8/10
Tackled this film for a Oberrated Requested Review from my buddy Mike. For the quick study, an Aronofsky film is an Aronofsky film. Thought-provoking, allegorical, layered, and confusing. I enjoyed this film much more so than the other Aronofsky films, in their own respect. The topic of love and death was fascinating for me. Full review is in the link above!

Chris Tucker: Live (2015)
Oberrating: 6/10
I have always been a big fan of Chris Tucker since the Rush Hour films. He’s an overall funny guy and most anyone can pick his voice out of anywhere. As for his stand-up, I feel it was just above average. He had a few moments here and there that made me laugh. However most of this stand-up I was wading through the content. Draws out a few jokes, screams a lot. People say that is all Kevin Hart does but I personally feel Tucker takes the title on this one.

Deadpool 2 (2018) — Director: David Leitch — Review HERE
Oberrating: 8/10
Basically everything I could have wanted out of this film. Hilarious to no end, the cast was phenomenal, and the action was out of this world. Ryan Reynolds IS Deadpool. Could not recommend the film enough for those who enjoy this humor and overall just Deadpool. Full review in link above.

13 Reasons Why (2017- ) Season 2
Oberrating: 8/10
Been riding this wave since the first season came out. Recently the second season was released and early on before any trailer or articles were released, I was skeptical as to how the story will continue. This series continues to push the envelope in regards to the topics brought to attention within this show. To make a long review short, I am glad this show was made.

Rapture (2018- ) Episode 1: Logic
Oberrating: 7/10
This is a Netflix documentary mini-series that focuses on multiple Hip-Hop superstars in the game today. Being a major Logic fan, I wanted to watch the first episode and I enjoyed it for what it is worth. I’d prefer a feature length documentary but this was enjoyable. I do not believe I will watch the rest of the series despite having an interest in most of the artists in this series. If you have seen this and think I should, let me know!

The Incredibles (2004) — Director: Brad Bird
Oberrating: 8/10
I am HYPED for “The Incredibles 2”. So obviously I gave the first a re-watch before it comes out. There really is not much to say about this. It is a classic. Fun for all ages.


And that is all for the month of May! Let me know what you guys think of this new idea, if you’d like. See you at the end of June for the next Quick Study!

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