Avengers: Infinity War (2018) SPOILER REVIEW

Oh this is going to be a mess. Let’s jump right into it. This is an Oberrated SPOILER REVIEW of “Avengers: Infinity War”. If you haven’t seen the movie, turn back now, or click this link for the spoiler free review. If you don’t care for spoilers or have seen the movies, this is where you’ll get the raw Oberrated review. So, here…we…go. SPOILERS STAMP!

Also, I get very candid with this post so don’t expect much professionalism or refined work… Not that I’m all that and a bag of chips anyway.






Infinity War 4

Why’d I use that gif? Do you know why? TONY IS HOLDING THE ASHES OF PETER PARKER! ARE YOU F*#%ING KIDDING ME?! This movie had me all sorts of messed up by the end of the film. I was processing so much I didn’t even applaud with the small army of fans at the premiere night showing of “Avengers: Infinity War”. So much action, so many moments, so much death or… “death” rather. I’ll get to that soon. This movie was crazy. Anyway, let’s begin.

This film was constant from start to finish. With the opening already beginning with the death of Asgard. We see bodies riddled all over the floor of the ship Asgard escaped on by the end of “Thor: Ragnarok”. Of course, who is the causing this mayhem? None other than Thanos and his children. And also among the dead from the opening sequence alone? Heimdall and Loki…DEAD… This film starts with a boom and it is simply relentless from there on.
Which is another thing I love. Thanos is absolutely relentless. With all this hype, all the waiting in the shadows. Thanos was exactly what I wanted but never expected to see. Kill after kill. Loki, Heimdall, Gamora, Vision. Each fall one by one and even then, we have many of our favorite heroes turn to… dust? Are they dead? Will they be back? (Well duh, they have to be back in some way, they have sequels, right?) Absolutely flooring and unexpected. What comes next?
P.S. Props to Tom Holland as Spider-Man. Not only was he a joy to watch on screen but his death and desperation scenes are award-worthy.

This next bit is a small blend of positive and negative; the ultra large cast. For the most part, I absolutely loved it. This worked incredibly well with the split stories that ultimately combined in the unified mission of trying to stop Thanos. We saw new and old heroes come together for the first time. Each time a new team formed, I was absolutely giddy with what I was seeing. An absolute epic combination of events throughout.

However, speaking in regards to this large cast. I felt a number of characters were incredibly under-utilized and even useless. Under-utilized: Black Panther, Shuri, Captain America, Winter Soldier, and NED. Ok, not Ned, I just got love for my Filipino blood. But for real, the four I listed I felt were incredibly under-utilized for the names they carry. Especially Black Panther after the mega success that his solo film did. Simply battling on Wakanda was not enough for me. I expected and wanted more from the king.
Useless: Hulk/Bruce Banner and Star-Lord. I understand we can come to the conclusion that Hulk had his will broken when Thanos absolutely laid the smackdown on him during the opening sequence. Which lead to him not wanting to… come out? Whatever. With no Hulk, Bruce Banner was virtually pointless besides providing fire support during the battle of Wakanda. I guess he got his screen time during Ragnarok but to not show up during Infinity War? Meh
Okay, Star-Lord… You little b*%#h. Star-Lord ruined this whole movie. He is the reason everything went to hell. The gauntlet is coming off. Nebula, Strange, Spidey, Iron Man, Mantis, Drax… EVERYONE, has the Mad Titan strapped down and ready to rip the gauntlet from his hand. Until dear sweet Star-Lord goes rage mode because he found out Gamora is dead. So what does he do? Smack Thanos in the face with the butt of his blaster a handful of times. Waking the titan from Mantis’ hold and thus causing him to go combo breaker on everyone. Aside from this glaring and horrid moment. Star-Lord provides a handful of comic relief but ultimately he is pointless to the film. Not a fan.

The Wrap-Up Pt. 2:
You know, I probably missed some things I wanted to talk about but these were the most notable things in my head. After some more views and such, I’m sure I will catch a couple other things but as of now, I am satisfied with what I have just taken in. Beyond the under-utilized and useless characters, the large amount of important and game-changing characters vastly outweigh the others. To me, I feel as if Doctor Strange is going to play a key factor in the future as well as our darling-to-come Captain Marvel. “Avengers: Infinity War” was an absolute heart-breaking treat. The future of Marvel is unknown and I, as a fan, am on edge waiting for what is coming next. 

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