The Post (2017)

Director: Steven Spielberg
Writer/s: Liz Hannah, Josh Singer
Starring: Meryl Streep, Tom Hanks, Bob Odenkirk, Bruce Greenwood, and more.

The Post

The Intro:
For my final Oscar Best Picture review, I have on my fingertips “The Post”. I think it has been quite apparent to friends and followers of my blog that I am not a major Meryl Streep fan. With that, it was easy for me to already have a disinterest in this film but regardless, I have a goal to achieve by reviewing these Best Picture nominees but I also at the least have an interest in other performers within this film and also have a slight interest in the story of the film. So with my last review, here we go giving “The Post” an Oberrating.

IMDB Summary:
“A cover-up that spanned four U.S. Presidents pushed the country’s first female newspaper publisher and a hard-driving editor to join an unprecedented battle between the press and the government.”

The Oberrating:
Shockingly enough, I did not dread “The Post” as much as I anticipated. While that in no way means I loved it, I did not find myself dragging through the material unlike previous Best Picture nominees. To begin, the story of the press vs. the government was an interesting historical bit to watch converted into film. Despite the slow progression of getting to the final “hooray, we won” result, there were many moments that were interesting to watch unfold along the timeline.
Regardless of those moments, they were few and far between. “The Post” provided me with far too many sequences that seemed drawn out for the sake of making a feature film length. As I have stated before, these historical dramas only work to my liking on occasion. This one is once again one that falls a tad short on achieving a fully positive reception.

Working in favor of “The Post” beyond a partially interesting historical story was, as expected among a Best Picture nominee, the performances. Okay, now pump the brakes. This is where you think I am gonna say Meryl Streep, right? Wrong… I will get to that. No, in regards to performances I highly favored Tom Hanks and Bob Odenkirk. While other supporting roles were enjoyable, these two held my attention while on screen. Tom Hanks always puts a strong and confident presence into his characters and his Ben Bradlee is exactly that.
Next to him is Bob Odenkirk as Ben Bagdikian. Odenkirk has always been a favorite of mine. Probably most known as Jimmy McGill/Saul from “Better Call Saul” and “Breaking Bad”. In “The Post” Odenkirk brings his natural charisma to his character and easily becomes a fan favorite in my own eyes.

For positives, that is about where it ends. The overall story is, once again, slow. The dialogue traded between most characters is not the most on edge material to make you feel the moments. This story is crafted for those with a specific taste. For those wanting historical films, this is absolutely for that crowd. For those wanting engaging and deep content, this is not for you. Lastly, “queen” Meryl Streep. Yet another overrated and non-special performance delivered. Anyone of similar age could put forth this same effort and deliver this same kind of performance. The story of Kay Graham is undoubtedly an interesting one and she is a person of strength and passion but as for a performance, Streep does not deliver anything special.

The Wrap-Up:
This film went just about as expected. Surely the message is grand. Freedom of the press is important when used honestly and should not be censored by the government. On the scale of being a great and Oscar-worthy film, “The Post” lacks my vote. Simply a film crafted for The Oscars and relates to today’s times, yet a film that lacks any kind of weight to its message. A history film for the fans of the material, but a bit of a dud for anyone who wants an actual powerful film.

Rating: 2/5


The Post 2


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