Hard Candy (2005) (RR)

Director: David Slade
Writer: Brian Nelson
Starring: Patrick Wilson, Ellen Page, and more.

Requested Review from Mike Phillips!
Swear I am going to catch up on these requested reviews! With the latest slew of films released lately and my busy schedule with Oscar related content, I have not been able to put out some of these requests you ladies and gentleman have had for me but rest assured, here they come within the approaching months!
This review’s request is on the thriller film ‘Hard Candy’ starring Patrick Wilson and Ellen Page. With a small cast to support such a mysterious story as presented in the trailer and having zero knowledge of this film prior to my viewing, it would be/was interesting to see how everything played out and how well this story was done with said small cast. I have seen a small cast be either the best thing to happen to films or even the worst. So here’s to hoping it works in favor of ‘Hard Candy’.
When photographer Jeff Kohlver (Patrick Wilson) arranges to meet with his chat buddy, young Hayley Stark (Ellen Page), the two of them get together for what seems to be either a simple photography session or something much less innocent than picture taking. In reality, hidden agendas are soon revealed as this thriller takes off in high-speed fashion.
Taking on this request by my friend, Mike, I honestly had no idea what to expect from this film besides what I saw in the trailer and the small teases he fed me about the film. I remember we got on to the topic of ‘Hard Candy’ as we were talking about Patrick Wilson in ‘The Conjuring’ series. That conversation led to Patrick’s acting and Mike making his claim that Patrick’s performance in this is exceptional. Well, he is not wrong. Alongside of Patrick Wilson, Ellen Page does a fantastic job on her own as well. The two present themselves in equally creepy and mysterious characters that you may grow to despise or feel for. Two performances that are simply brilliant in regards to how the story plays out… Now speaking of story, my oh my did I not expect this. With no spoilers, all I can say is at the start, some may not expect the story to play out in the way it does but regardless of expecting or not, it is phenomenally done and quite a gripping story to get its viewers sunk into the film. Overall, as creative and brilliant as this film plays out to be, it was so uncomfortable for me to watch at times and that saying so in the best way possible. Thrillers or even horror films that can enact a sense of discomfort in its viewers and/or me is a film I like to see and enjoy…as odd as that sounds.
‘Hard Candy’ is a great film given the small cast and limited setting. Patrick and Ellen can keep you invested in this film’s entirety through uncomfortable curiosity. This is another Oberrated requested review that passes the test. Definitely a recommendation here.
Rating: 4/5

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