The Conjuring 2 (2016)

Director: James Wan
Writer/s: Carey Hayes, Chad Hayes, James Wan, David Leslie Johnson (screenplay), Carey Hayes, Chad Hayes, James Wan (story)
Starring: Patrick Wilson, Vera Farmiga, and more.

‘The Conjuring 2’ Trailer

With quite possibly the most anticipated horror film upon us. ‘The Conjuring 2’ is now in a theater near you and ready to deliver the story of Ed and Lorraine Warren, the demon and spirit experts themselves. Based on true events, (even with an actual recording from Ed and Lorraine’s account of this same story the film is based on), ‘The Conjuring 2’ brings audiences constant eerie moments, fear-instilling scares, and paranormal phenomenon too good to be true. This film could truly be a horror movie film to remember for years to come.

‘The Conjuring 2’ fires right out of the gate with a case that the Warrens (Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga) are working on where Lorraine uses her medium talent to find out what exactly happened during a brutal murder case that was suspicious of paranormal activity. During her exploration into the case, she is lured by another spirit who seems to want to show her something. The events that follow cause Lorraine to be frightened and cautious about continuing their profession. After this, elsewhere, a new occurrence arises in Brimsdown, Enfield, England. The Hodgson family slowly begins to witness paranormal activity within their comfy English home that only becomes dangerous and terrifying as more time transpires. As these events grow darker, it garners the attention of local media; which then transfers to gaining the attention of the church and lastly has the Warrens sent to investigate the happenings in Enfield. As the duo take on one of their toughest cases yet, it becomes much more than what meets the eye and ultimately puts the Hodgson family and the Warren family through a trial truly from Hell.

In all honesty, I do not know where to begin with ‘The Conjuring 2’. For people within the audience that has been following my reviews. You may be aware of myself not being a major fan of present-day horror movies, although I am desperately seeing most horror flicks that come out because I genuinely love the genre. I have been waiting patiently for a horror movie to truly frighten me and make me uncomfortable. With this title, I have finally found that. ‘The Conjuring 2’ was terrifying and near perfection at the same time. I even was brought to a point where a horror sequence almost made me want to walk out of the theater because I was so uncomfortable and uneasy with the events occurring on screen, Now do not forget, with that being said, it simply means that this was a horror film done right. There were multiple moments, still shots, and sequences that I feel will go down as iconic parts of horror movie history. James Wan will equally become a household name among horror movie fans as he is only continuing to push out impressive horror flicks time after time. ‘The Conjuring 2’ blew away the original to me and I am confident in saying that this could be THE horror movie of 2016, competitors being ‘Don’t Breathe’ (Evil Dead remake team) and ‘Lights Out’ (Also involving James Wan). If you want true terror and fast-paced horror, this is the movie to see. Again, in my opinion, this is the horror movie of 2016.

Rating: 4/5



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