Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016)

Director: Zack Snyder
Writer/s: Chris Terrio, David S. Goyer, Bob Kane, Bill Finger, Jerry Siegel, Joe Shuster
Starring: Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Jesse Eisenberg, Gal Gadot, and more.

Finally, the day has come where the much anticipated Batman Vs. Superman film is upon us. Comic book nerds, comic film fanboys, and the general film community have long awaited the release of this title since the announcement was made that it was in the works. General opinion has run rampant since then. Some calling for a rebirth of the DC film universe with this feature, some predicting a flop as many of the past films have fallen victim to, and some just plain out not caring one bit. The hype train has been nothing but a roller coaster ride as well. Some excited and some not, hype rising and falling for some as casting choices were made, rising and falling with the first trailers, falling incrementally with the release of the second trailer, rising impressively with the release of the last trailer, then splitting chaotically with the premiere showing but finally the predictions and speculations can come to an end. Batman Vs. Superman is now smashing its way into theaters and the results will finally come to the light. Hit or flop? You make the final call.

Our story begins by following the story of Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) and how he becomes infuriated with Superman (Henry Cavill) due to the sheer destruction and death toll he is creating during his battle with General Zod. With so much pain and anguish caused by Superman, Bruce takes it upon himself to take on the God himself. On the flip-side of the coin, Superman/Clark Kent uses his alter egos to persuade society that Superman is not an enemy. The community is in a constant debate on whether Superman needs to be kept in check and whether he is a hero or if he is a curse. With this political quarrel going back and forth, Clark Kent is either making reports to prove Superman is a hero or he is dawning the cape as the God himself and attempting to show he means no harm and is only trying to help society. As the two heroes develop their stories which will ultimately clash at some point, another player is making waves in the background, Lex Luthor Jr. (Jesse Eisenberg). Lex plays puppeteer throughout the unraveling events of the film to pit Superman and Batman against each other but ultimately has to pull one last card once his first plan fails. This card is an extremely powerful and deadly one that requires a lot of man God power to stop.

Oooooo, here we go. *claps and rubs hands together* I am sorry, this film was forgetful and pointless to me. There were too many misses in this entire two and a half hour drag-fest than hits for me to stay enveloped in this painfully over-done film. I do not know where to start so I am just going to begin listing them off so I apologize if this opinion section is all over the place… The first hour and a half was absolutely unmemorable. There was so much random information, random story-line jumps, and even some pointless pieces that had no reason to be shown and did not develop the story what-so-ever. The acting in this film… I am going to start with a pet peeve of the film; Senator Finch (Holly Hunter), she was absolutely laughable every time she was on screen. Speaking out the side of her mouth and delivering ridiculous lines. Probably my most-hated character in the film. Also in regard to the acting, I had no connection to any character at all. It was all just a straight shot through the film, this person speaks, that person speaks, you do not feel for anyone at all. I was not sitting in my seat cheering for this side, or pumping my fist for that side. I was sitting there in my seat pumping my fist for the end of the movie so I could head to bed. Speaking of bed, I did fall asleep for about fifteen minutes of the movie. It just was not pulling at all… The cameos: There are cameos in this film that to me were absolutely pointless. No spoilers, no reveals, I am just going to say they were pointless and horridly done… The reason for Batman and Superman to stop fighting; absolutely garbage. Again, no spoilers, but this might have been the most comedic part. More than Jesse’s Lex/Joker/Donnie Thornberry performance… Alright, so I am going to stop here. All in all, there was just way too much trying to happen and not enough events to hit home and make this film a home-run. For some positives of the film, the brutality that was Batman was not bad. I also did not mind Ben Affleck as the Batman although he still is hardly memorable. Also in regards to Batman’s brutality; the fight scenes (although minimal) were exciting. Honestly though, that was it. I do not have much praise for this film. It will probably be a split opinion in favor of and against but nonetheless, check it out for yourself but for me personally. Checkmate: Marvel Universe

edit* After many conversations with individuals who enjoyed the film and have a positive mind on it. I have at least come to a level of respect for the film and what it tries to do. I still have a heavy distaste and disinterest for the film and still stand by it being horrid, IMO… I do, however, have left out what I think positively of this universe and the movie. That is the actors and actresses within the role. Affleck, Cavil, Gadot, and others, are fantastic. If they were given the proper material, aka, not Zack Snyder, they would thrive.

Rating: A generous 2/5



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