Fantastic Four (2015)

Director: Josh Trank
Starring: Miles Teller, Michael B. Jordan, Kate Mara, Jamie Bell, Toby Kebbell, Reg E. Cathey, and more.

‘Fantastic Four’ Trailer

Man oh man did this reboot have a lot expected of it. 10 years after the Fantastic Four of 2005 was released starring Ioan Gruffudd, Jessica Alba, Chris Evans (yes, now Captain America) and Michael Chiklis, comes a reboot headed by a younger cast with a new take on what many know is the Fantastic Four. Railed by critics and fans everywhere, this reboot has not been off to that great of a start. Opinions everywhere range from frustrations about the Human Torch being black (get over it), the movie feeling rushed, lack of action, terrible writing, and/or the characters not being parallel to the comics at all, but hey, everyone is a critic. I guess you will have to see for yourself if you are interested enough.

The fresh new Fantastic Four begins with a young Reed Richards (Miles Teller) in elementary school doing a presentation for Career Day. Standing in front of his peers which includes his friend Ben Grimm (Jamie Bell), Reed explains that he wants to build a machine that can teleport from one physical space to another and also states that he has already built it. Slammed by his peers, they laugh in his face about his dreams but it only fuels Reed to continue his misunderstood work more. Fast-forward 7 years later: Reed and Ben are now at a science fair presenting the technology in front of the public. They test it, it works, yet they still are ridiculed for the project and now are criticized for not showing science but merely showing a magic trick but amongst the onlookers are Sue Storm (Kate Mara) and Dr. Franklin Storm (Reg E. Cathey) and they are familiar to the research Ben and Reed are conducting and quickly ask Reed to assist them at the Baxter Building where they are working on the exact same project. As Reed becomes familiar with the building and Ben returns back home, Dr. Storm begins to push his project forward through his board of directors explaining who his “children” are who will be working on the project and within this group is Victor Von Doom (Toby Kebbell), a young man who has already had bad run ins with the company but was the original mastermind behind the research that Reed perfected. The board was against Victor joining but Dr. Storm would inform them he was vital to the team. Soon after, we meet Johnny Storm while he is participating in a street race. During this race he crashes his car, injures his arm, and is then picked up at the hospital by father, Dr. Storm, where a conversation then occurs and Dr. Storm states that he is taking Johnny’s car away from him and will return it after he earns it back by working with the team as an engineer due to him being a skilled handyman and mechanic.

With the team formed and working together, they quickly produce a life sized machine similar to the smaller form Reed built when he was younger. Soon after the project is complete, the government attends the first testing of the machine and witness it successfully teleport a chimp from where they were to a foreign planet and then successfully bring it and the chimp back. Overwhelmed with excitement on both the team and the governments sides, representatives of the government explain how it is time to turn the project over to NASA. Unhappy about this, the team of Reed, Johnny, Victor and now Ben due to Reed wanting him to be there and be a part of the first human transfer since he was with Reed from day one, use the machine and teleport themselves to this mysterious planet. While the machine is active, Sue realizes what is occurring and heads to a computer to try to get in contact with the group to instruct them to return. Upon arrival and when they witness they survived the trip, they begin to explore the planet. This exploration leads them to finding a mysterious energy source that reacts to physical matter. Victor being curious, gets too close to the energy and creates a reaction causing the surface to erupt violently. The band flees back to the machine but Victor falls behind and is consumed by this energy. The remaining run back to their pods but are unable to begin the machine for the return trip and get in contact with Sue and instruct her to manually begin the return process. While waiting, Ben’s door to his pod breaks open and rock matter rains on him and pelts him constantly. Johnny’s pod catches on fire, enveloping him constantly, and Reed… Well… Unless I missed something, his transformation is not clear. I would assume it had something to do with him struggling between the transfer of the pods from the planet to Earth. Sue is then also affected by the machines return to Earth as it omits a powerful force that rendered her unconscious. The four, now each harnessing a power similar to the situation they were in when the machine was active, are now trying to cope with what happened and are being asked to continue the machine and its research so the government can find the source of their power and use it. Upon the completion of version two of the machine, the government conducts a second trip to the newly named Planet Zero with a new group of scientists. Once these scientists make it to the planet they witness that Victor survived the whole time and now has his space suit fused with his skin as he also partially glows green, the color of the energy that he came in contact with. The group brings him back to Earth and once he returns and hears the governments plans, he stops at nothing to make sure anyone from Earth has zero contact with “his planet” and vows to destroy Earth and begins a massacre of the research facility and everyone in it as he makes his way to the machine to go back to the planet where the four individuals now take it upon themselves to stop Victor Von Doom and his mission of destroying the planet.

*sigh* Oh Fantastic Four… I was pulling so hard for this movie guys, I really was and remember, this is my opinion. You guys can form your own but I say this in all honesty, this movie was not good and that is putting it kindly for the sake of being a respectable review blog. This movie had a whole lot of build up for a whole lot of nothing by the end of it. You rarely see the Fantastic Four’s powers in full combat besides maybe the last ten minutes and even in the last ten minutes that was the final fight, this fight was garbage. The end fight was brief and was ultimately a giant let down. The whole movie was mostly back story and the construction of the research project. It has zero to some similarity to the comics we all know and love, and the writing, oh my, like a friend of mine said was “something you would’ve heard out of Captain Planet”. I give respect to the idea that it was a younger and “modern” cast and Michael B. Jordan, Miles Teller, and Kate Mara are respectable individuals in their own right but not even their acting ability could save this film. Miles needs to call up Scorsese and have their movie pushed up a little bit to give Miles his respect back that many may lose in him after his hit Whiplash. So in conclusion, this was a sad adaptation, ladies and gentleman. You wait and wait for the action and the kick-ass moments we all know and love in comic book movies just to see practically nothing memorable.

Oh, and I will entertain this popular topic for just a brief second as it seems to be such a travesty. Michael B. Jordan playing Human Torch. Get over it… You fanboys want to be pissed about this and want to challenge me? I’ll show you a LONG list of people of different heritages being portrayed by WHITE actors and actresses when the original character they were anything but white.

One word: Disappointment

Rating: 1/5

Give the rights to Marvel. Fox, you lost.


So here’s Captain America starring in the 2005 Fantastic Four expressing my reaction to the movie accurately.


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